FUDES is aware of both current legislation and public awareness as regards environmental issues.

Our main priority is to minimize environmental effects in all their forms at the project site and its surrounding area.

This includes not only such effects as air omissions, water discharges, pollution, waste, energy consumption, recycling etc., but also in the protection of employees and the public in the use of resources and in the minimization of other disturbances to the area surrounding the project.

In summary it is the policy of FUDES to:

Maintain a positive and responsible approach to managing the environment.

Always act in accordance with good practice, both during design and construction, preserving and where possible enhancing the quality of the environment.

Establish monitoring, reporting and reviewing systems to ensure compliance with the Environmental Policy.

Liaise and co-operate with appropriate enforcement authorities on matters affecting the environment.

Comply with relevant legislation.

When requested as part of a project, FUDES will assist our Clients achieve the standards required to achieve Leed, Breeam and other international certification.

It is our policy to promote the standards of the Russian Green Building council to all our clients.